Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Just Do It....

In the spirit of 'just bloody do it' I have:

  • Cleared the washing basket that was on top of the washer for two years with a pile of clothes in it.  My husband has five more t-shirts, I found a top that I thought I had donated and the charity shop has a bag full of teenage girl clothes as a result.  Happy days

  • Emptied the medicine basket and chucked out ALL out of date medicines (oldest was a tin of muscle heat spray from 1997 and there was Sore mouth Gel from 2004 that I used recently.  And there were some herbal sleep-aid tablets that smelt like cheese - urgh).  Now we can dose ourselves without fear of making ourselves even more ill.

  • Sorted my wool projects, thrown out ball bands galore and written details in a book of which yarn I have used for each project.  Even my husband was impressed with this one.

  • Put photos onto a memory stick (just purchased) that we took on holiday so that I can give them to my daughter's friend who came with us.  We went on holiday in August...

  • Taken the trousers that I have been moving about the bedroom since September to the dry cleaners and then hung them back up in the wardrobe.  They are summer trousers but at least they are ready to wear now.

  • Sorted out my scarf box - I have LOADs of scarves and they were all mashed and wriggled together like sleeping snakes in a fabric storage box.  Now they are sorted in order of wearing - popular ones at the top, less popular at the bottom, all folded.  Quite smug about that one.

  • Walked for 20 - 30 minutes each day.  Well, almost every day, but more than I thought I would when I started (so not beating myself up is working as well).  Really appreciating the local church on this route and the gravestones against the skyline.  It is at the highest point of the walk so nice to stop for a breather.

Finally....... I have bought my summer sandals.  I have small feet and usually by the time I get to thinking about sandals all the best little ones have gone so this year I have just done it and bought some..... and it's only January.... and there's snow on the way.  But my sandals are looking lovely in my shoe drawer (don't ask). 

The thing I must just do is just keep doing stuff......  Now where was that To Do list?

(I would have put in more photos - before and after type thing - but I was so busy sorting and doing I forgot to take them)


  1. 'On a roll' doesn't really do justice to the above!

    1. Can't actually believe it myself. I'm trying hard not to run out of steam as I've tackled the things that were in front of me. I have a whole shed to go at when the weather improves.....

  2. Can't decide whether I feel inspired or in denial (about my piles of stuff). Think I'd better go with inspired and just 'bloody do it' myself. x

  3. way to go girl! love those sandals. and you can't beat a nice bit of folding. I confess to storing my scarves on a hook on the back of the door, they don't look pretty and I only wear the one on the top......

  4. Oh I am very impressed! Those are the kind of jobs that feel impossible then, when you finally do them, take moments. I am an expert in putting off things like that. I bet you feel good now. xx