Monday, 19 January 2015

Spring mantlepiece (in winter)

This weekend in M&S there was a gorgeous bunch of spring flowers and so despite it being quite a lot of money I bought it.  (That and some iced buns; I love their iced buns)

When I got home I just could not get the flowers to look nice all together in a vase, those tiny weeeeny daffs were so chaotic, hanging around all over the place looking messy and the tulips were too big and droopy.  So I raided the sideboard for vases and inspired by Gillian ( ) I decided to change my mantelpiece......

So here we have Spring Vintage.  Difficult to photograph as there is a mirror behind.  Flowers spread over a couple of little vases.  You can't see it but the little green jug has a parrot handle. The majority of the daffs are in a water vase/jug thing on the bookcase and I forgot to photograph them.

Yes, I know it's winter but I'm looking forward to spring. 


  1. Spring Vintage, I love it! I am also looking forward to spring and love having hyacinths and tulips in the house - your display is so colourful. xx

    1. Thanks Gillian. I love your mantel updates and did feel inspired. That's what I love about reading blogs - there's so much good stuff to see and read and think about.