Monday, 5 January 2015

3....2....1 you're back in the room

Back in front of the computer after the most relaxing Christmas we have ever undertaken.
I spent one entire day in my pyjamas (new ones of course). 
That's something I haven't done since student days.
We have seen all the family, but for short bursts only
I have watched an inordinate amount of rubbish on the TV
I have eaten well but not in large amounts
I have read books
I have done LOADS of crochet
I have sung the song from the Lego movie too many times to count
All in all I have to say that it was a VERY good Christmas.
Now where did I leave my brain?


  1. brain? what brain? mine is still on holiday....

    1. And it looked like an excellent place to leave your brain, I'm sure it will have been fully occupied.

  2. that does sound like a very good Christmas indeed. I spent one whole day in my pj's too. if felt wonderfully decadent x

    1. At one point I nearly got dressed to go into the garage but my husband talked me out of it!

  3. Sounds great. Happy New Year!