Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It's all gone a bit Pete Tong

Visiting blogland is tricky right now.
The place I have worked at for 19 years is closing.
It is playing on my mind a bit.
I am very busy at work.
I am pre-occupied at home.
Sometimes it seems like a great opportunity.
Sometimes I feel like I never want to work again.
I'm lucky in that we no longer have a mortgage to pay. 
It is not the case for many of our employees and I worry about them, all 101 of them.

However, I did find a CV that I wrote about two years ago and it looks pretty good.  It needs updating but thank goodness I actually wrote one then because actually putting one together now, when my head is a shed, would be hard indeed.

It is times like this that I am thankful for crochet and knitting.  The counting and rhythm of these pass-times is just enough to take me away from all this.


  1. So sorry to hear this Ali. I hope that everything works out well and soon! xx

    1. Thank you so much Amy. I'm one for getting on and coping with whatever stuff life launches at me so I'm sure I'll be fine, although right now the thought of interviews and all that stuff is proper scary!

  2. thinking of you, sounds rough x

  3. I am so sorry to hear this - 19 years is a long time to work for one company and your colleagues will be friends. Take advantage of the outplacement counselling if it is on offer and if not consider investing in some sessions - they will help you review and update your skills so that you can take the first steps on the next stage of your career.

  4. What a very not fun way to start the year. I do hope you can find your way to an outcome you are happy with x

  5. Oh no, I am sorry. That all sounds very stressful. But it sounds as though you have options and yes, I agree, crochet (or knitting) are very therapeutic when things are tense. I hope things work themselves out. x

  6. oh gosh... good luck with everything...

  7. Hey Ali - yes, your link worked! I love your scarf, I noticed it when I came for a quick look before. Such lovely berry colours. Can't believe I've not used the Rialto before now, it's luscious! So sorry to hear about your job. 19 years is a hard habit to break. I do hope things work out the way you hope. Oh and I ADORE that Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars song! Heather xx