Friday, 31 October 2014

The colour of Autumn leaves

It is warm here today and so I decided to sit outside for lunch at work.

Where I sit is fairly uninspiring, but it is green and I can enjoy the sun which shines directly onto the picnic bench in the shade of the gatehouse.

While sitting there just listening to the day go by and re-setting my brain ready for the afternoon I noticed the leaves on the grass.  Lots of leaves but some in the most gorgeous colours, I did a bit of a collection to share....


This was on the bottom of my shoe......

How uplifting it is to sit on an October day, the end of October at that, in the hazy sun enjoying these colours. 

 The just before I went in a breeze came and scattered them back to the grass and I returned to my desk revitalised by the warmth and the colour of the day.

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