Monday, 20 October 2014

Last weekend.... now what did I do?

Question from my Mum, what did you do at the weekend?

It was Wednesday and I had completely forgotten.  I think I did something on Saturday but I can't remember what. 

Mum then goes on to tell me about how long she spent on the phone to the credit card company telling them that you don't spell 'Jennifer' with two n's....... oh wait you do.  She is reminded of this after some time on the phone and has to apologise profusely to the person at the other end who is about to change her name on her card.  It's genetic.

So I looked at my camera and remembered that on Saturday I was at the Superleague Grand Final.  It was a day out, on a bus, with lots of other people..... how did I forget that? 

This was the view from our seats.

Not bad.  I enjoyed the atmosphere more than Wembley.  Being at a game where you don't actually support either team is much more relaxing.  I didn't get a single headache.

On Sunday I went to a vintage fair and got this fantastic glass vase..... bowl..... bon bon thing for £3.

Three quid....I'd spend more than that on  a magazine.  Absolute bargain.  And it is lovely and quirky and looks like proper blown glass at the top.  Rubbish photo but you get the idea.

Finally when I got back from the fair and getting the car washed I found that Husband had been to the supermarket and brought me flowers.  I like him... a lot.

The colour of these is really lovely.

So I did do something at the weekend.... thank God for phone photos. 

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