Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Me and Barbara Hepworth (part 1)

This weekend I visited the Hepworth in Wakefield.  It has been described by the Times as one of the greatest galleries in the world.... indeed an achievement. 

I loved it for many reasons but there is one reason that resonated with me...... Barbara Hepworth was a collector of pebbles.

This is a quote from her which is on the wall of the exhibition - I have typed it out because the photo I took was blurred:
'Many people select a stone or a pebble to carry for the day. The weight and form and texture felt in our hands relates us to the past and gives us a sense of a universal force. The beautifully shaped stone, washed up by the sea, is a symbol of continuity, a silent image of our desire for survival, peace and security’ Barbara Hepworth 1961
And in a drawer in the exhibition space were these beautiful pebbles....
There were shiny ones and not so shiny ones and when I looked at them I could see the links to her work, to that organic form and shape.

It is just a pity you cannot hug the exhibits to make that connection, to feel their weight, form and texture.

I'll just have to make do with the little pebble in my own pocket....

www.hepworthwakefield.org This is the link to the Hepworth's website but I really do recommend a visit if you are in or around Wakefield; parking is opposite, well sign posted and although it is £4.50  the Hepworth itself is free - donations are of course welcome.


  1. The Hepworth , Wakefield looks amazing. Thanks for showing it to us. I'm putting it on my 'to visit' list. Collecting stones is a lovely thing.

    1. Hi Katherine, thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. It is definitely well worth a visit and it is not enormous so you don't get museum fatigue. But if you do start to flag a bit then the café is really, really good. Ali x