Monday, 3 November 2014

I'm too old for this.....

This weekend we decided to do a bike ride. And we went at it hell for leather.

I can't remember the last time I got on my bike, but I have to say that despite it languishing in the garage for ages...... I bloody love my bike. 

I got it about three year's ago and it is a sit up and beg style but with 21 speed gears.  It is a 'comfort hybrid' and it is comfortable.  Very.

When I was younger I did a lot of mountain biking, proper stuff on proper trails with pumped thighs and a seat that I barely sat on.  But times have changed and now I sit on the saddle which is designed to accommodate you sitting on it.

We cycled from the North end of Bridlington, past Sewerby, to the North bay at Flamborough.  When we got there we couldn't go down to the bay because they had just been filming the new Dad's Army film down there.  So we sat at the top, ate our lunch and enjoyed the day.

Realistically when we got there I had had enough. 
About 6 miles of rolling hills on legs that were not used to cycling is about enough.
But of course once there you have to get back...... bother......
So we cycled back on the road,
into the head wind
and when we got back my legs were like jelly and my knees were killing me!
But this was the view in the late afternoon sun looking towards
where we had just cycled, even though I felt old and knackered
I did feel like I'd achieved something....
And we had really enjoyed the day out.......
So the question is... am I really too old for this?


  1. You're never too old. The North Bay looks beautiful. I'll be watching out for it in the new dad's Army film.

  2. I used to cycle a fair bit too, but my fifties have finally snuck up on me and between that and the rheumatoid arthritis I've had for years I struggle to balance a two wheeler, so I'm getting an adults trike. You are never too old, you just sometimes have to tackle things differently!