Monday, 6 October 2014

Me and Barbara Hepworth (part 2)

A trip to the Hepworth Wakefield on Saturday. 

I loved it for several reasons.
These haunting figures in an exhibit by Alexandra Bircken.
Made from leather they were very realistic - this photo is a bit rubbish and doesn't do it justice.  the second is better.
These ships made by Folkert de Jong.
Part of an exhibition that was again slightly spooky. 
The way some of the exhibits were staged and lit was particularly good, and the detail of these ships was incredible.

And then there is the Barbara Hepworth part, this is one of the galleries.  (The irony is I passed beneath the winged figure on the recent trip to London as it is above the door of John Lewis on Oxford Street, which was the first shop we went in.)  I did actually notice it at the time... honest.

I thoroughly recommend a visit and on the way out don't forget the café,
coffee, cake and food all excellent.

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