Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Whoops..... how to increase your blood pressure

Yesterday I bumped my husband's car.

I was driving as he was wearing a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours...... no don't laugh....

We approached a roundabout there was nothing coming and so I accelerated.  Unfortunately the chap in front of me didn't move.  I think he was on the phone.

Husband yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?",

I slammed on, everything in the boot crashed into the back of the back seat.... and I nudged the back of the car in front.

I fully expected him (other car driver) to pull over and accuse me of all the usual.  However, he didn't, he just kept on driving.

When we passed him on the motorway he had a phone thingy in his ear and was clearly speaking to someone.  The first thought that went through my head was "did I actually hit him?"

But when we got home there were marks on the front of the car. Not major dents but evidence none the less.

My husband returned the heart monitor......

He is expecting a call from the hospital any time soon.........


  1. Oh my!!! Well if your hubby's blood pressure didn't shoot up at that point he is hopefully OK!! I hope that the car can be sorted out alright and I hope too that you are OK. Oh, and of course your husband too! xx

  2. I feel I should apologise for laughing ... your poor husband, those monitors are horrible enough as it is!