Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The New Regime..... part 2

I have discovered what it takes to make me happy at home..... music and sunshine.  Not much to ask now is it?

I have managed to connect the ipod to a music box thing in the living room and so now a selection of songs can blast out at me and the cats as I pootle about doing jobs (what am I saying...... I'm working really hard....obvs).

My husband has also sorted me out my own itunes something or other..... identity ...... profile ...... whatever.  I can now do my own playlists and buy music and just generally have fun with the tunes.

So now when I am at home doing anything I can sing my heart out and nobody can complain because cats just don't have a vote.... no sir....I've heard them sing and they are way worse than me.

Today the sun is shining, the bedding is on the line and I am enjoying a bit of Ed Sheeran.... who is asking me to 'Sing'.  That boy knows me too well........


  1. oh yes, nothing like a bit of Very Loud Ed to help the housework fly by. Of course if the children play their music loud I get very grumpy......

  2. That sounds really great! There is nothing like some music to cheer you up is there! xx