Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Loving Classic Cars

On Fathers Day we took ourselves off to Harewood House to visit the Classic Car Extravaganza.  That wasn't it's official title, but it could have been.

I like cars, as a child I would spend hours in the driver's seat of my Dad's car pretending to drive.  When I was 14 my Step-Dad had an ex-army long wheel based Landrover that he let me drive around a field up near Leeds Bradford Airport.  And whilst that nearly put me off driving forever it didn't put me off cars.

So when we were browsing the Yorkshire Post on Saturday and saw that there would be classic cars at Harewood it was an obvious choice.

It was absolutely full to the brim with fancy new cars and a massive range of old vehicles, I'm sure not all of which would be called classic.  Mini Metro.... classic....? I think not.

I sat behind the wheel of cars I will never ever be able to afford.  Cars that cost more than a house.

 Some of them I could barely see over the steering wheel and could not get out of without some help.  Yes, fancy electric BMW that was you.
And on one, the Jaguar F type, I adjusted the seat for me and then the battery seemed to go flat so when I got out only children could get in.  It was funny to see big blokes trying to squeeze in and then having to admit defeat. No photo of that fun unfortunately.

The classic cars were in fantastic condition which is a testament to the owners who lavish time and money on them.
There were some lovely little minis.  
This was one of my favourites (I love the Gulf blue).  
I only saw the one Fiat 500 but what a beauty. 

This french number was voted the most beautiful car by car designers at some point in time.  When it came out it must have been so futuristic.  It was in great condition throughout.

Then there was the classic Aston Martin.

The General Lee, for all you Dukes of Hazard fans

An escort RS, taken for my husband who had one when they first came out.  
He is more of a petrol head than me

And a Lotus (Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious) which we liked a lot.  Ignore the dippy red-head...

I actually have an MG midget but it needs restoration and that takes time, money and more importantly needs space.  So one day, probably when I have finally retired from work, I might get to be one of the people sat with their pride and joy in the sunshine while people like me pass by and oooh and aaah at their cars.  I look forward to that day.


  1. You have an MG midget?? How fabulous! I like the Fiat 500 best of all, they're so perfect. I think the new style ones are nice too. What a great day out. x

  2. Amazing cars, they're always lovely to see aren't they, especially that Aston Martin. I hope you get to have your MG restored one day. My friend used to have a Spitfire, now she's got an MG BGT, it's fantastic.

  3. I used to get taken to school in a friend's Citroen DS. It used to sink to the road on parking and rise up again when you turned the ignition on. We didn't have a car so I was thrilled.