Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Desk

Last week one of the lads was going round and taking photographs of us all.

It made me think....

I have spent years sitting in this office of mine and maybe I should capture a bit of it.  So this is one part of my desk (this is by my right elbow and is clearly a bit of a dumping ground).

I decided just to take the photo exactly as it is, without moving anything.  These are some of the highlights of this corner of my space....
The smiling green round-headed chap moves his head from side to side when it's sunny
 and was a 'calming' present from my Dad
The Minion came from Maccy D's (I love minions)
The postcard was bought from the Chantry Chapel in Wakefield which is opposite the Hepworth and is the oldest and most ornate of the surviving bridge chapels in England 
The pebbles, that you can just see, are there because I have pebbles everywhere
 - they are Suffolk pebbles
The Hubba Bubba was bought from Lucy Sparrow who did a complete corner shop in felt
The biscuits are my stash from the coffee van.
It is going to be a nightmare moving out of this office, as I have soooo much stuff here.
I suspect many trips to the bin will be required..........


  1. eat the biscuits, they will help. xxx and then you won't have to move them x

  2. It is amazing what you find on your desk when you start moving things isn't it! xx