Friday, 20 March 2015


Today is International Day of Happiness so I asked my daughter what makes her happy.

When the cat gives me love, was her off the cuff reply (he is being difficult at the moment and is aloof with her and loving with me).

She picks him up for a cuddle and he sits in her arms and does not rub his head on hers.......

Hmmm, not so happy today then.

On the way to work she puts a on a song, Mr Brightside, and we sing along together.  She starts dancing and then I get in trouble for over emphasising some word as we sing.  As I sit there and we laugh together I realise that among many other things our car journeys each day are pockets of happiness for me.

Happy Happiness Day to you all!


  1. small pockets of happiness are the priceless moments we should treasure xxx

  2. We've been short on happiness here this last week, there's been too much unhappy stuff happening. But still there are smiles to be smiled and laughs to be laughed even if it takes hearts a while to lift.

    Lovely post Ali :)