Friday, 14 November 2014

The view from my office

The view from my office is generally uninspiring.

Where I sit at my desk I can see the top of some shortened poplar trees, the end of a warehouse roof and sky, quite a lot of sky.  Today the sky is grey, flat and heavy.

Next door to where I work they erect stage scaffolding and all sorts of removable structures for festivals and stage shows.  Sometimes my view is of some enormous structure, which usually looks like a stage and I wonder who will be playing on it in the future.

This week the view was made more interesting by the introduction of this......

I rushed outside to take a couple of closer photographs.  It is difficult to get a perspective on how big he was (I'm saying 'he' but it could have been a 'she').  If you look at the bottom of the photo above you can see a fence post, so that gives some indication.

Later in the day Bear moved into the sky, and then as the sun started to descend he changed colour, to blue then bright pink and finally green.
Unfortunately my little phone camera couldn't cope with the fading light and I couldn't get a photograph.  He looked lovely all lit up and when I left work he had a soft green glow.
I was looking forward to seeing him when I returned to work the following day.  
But he was gone.
It was strange the amount of joy that massive Bear brought to me and others at work and it is hard to explain the disappointment I felt the next day every time I looked out of the office window.


  1. What fun! I wonder what he was doing there, what kind of event called for a giant bear which changes colour?! But as office views go, that's pretty entertaining. x

    1. Hi Gillian, I did wonder if he may be something for Children in Need but didn't see him on anything. Today we are back to some sort of scaffolding arch, not nearly as much fun x

    2. Ok, update on this. A few people have spoken to me about this and have seen a light up bear on an advert for Candy Crush. I haven't seen the advert but I did Google Candy Crush bear and there he was on Tower Bridge all lit up and lovely.

  2. whimsical things always make me smile too... I wonder what happened to it!