Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The new regime

So I have finished work.  Well, I say finish 'work' I haven't worked so physically bloody hard for ages.

Day 1 -
  • Cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, literally (daughter walked in and said "Oh, it's bright in here!") You've got to ask just how mucky it was before..... no don't ask that.
  • Mowed the lawn at the front, put weed and feed on the back and blitzed all the dandelions with spray.
  • Sorted the house insurance.
  • Chased the car insurance
  • Did two loads of washing
  • Cooked tea
  • Hoovered all round
Felt saintly and full of the joys of being at home

Day 2 -
  • Ironed for two hours (felt like about 5)
  • Changed the daughters bed
  • Did more washing
  • Sorted my wardrobe (winter coats to the back, summer stuff to the front)
  • Went out and bought more wooden coat hangers
  • Sorted the flowers that I received last week into new smaller vases with fresh water
  • Sorted some magazines to give to a friend
  • Chased the car insurance
  • Thought about doing some crochet
  • Hoovered all round
Felt out of sorts and fed up with being at home

So that's it, the highs and lows of the new regime after two days. 
At least the flowers are cheering me up!
(Can't get blogger to upload a photo so this is a tiny one of one of the bunches I received.)

I discussed with my husband the fact that I felt guilty about doing something that wasn't a 'job'.  He suggested I make a list then aim to do two jobs a day.  After that take time to myself.

Luckily there isn't 'point gable end' on the list but there are some biggies.  I might sneak 'knit a cardigan' onto the list or 'crochet a shawl' or even 'read ten chapters of current fabulous book'.... It might make being at home a bit easier I think.


  1. don't be too hard on yourself, it takes time to adjust, and certainly don't do too much housework! no fun at all.......

  2. It will take a while, but you will get there!! Trust me, you will probably end up working far harder than you ever did at work!!! Unless you did something really hard that I am unaware of of course! Try and enjoy and make sure to have fun things on the list and not just cleaning jobs! xx

  3. Hi Ali,
    My husband is a consultant and has breaks between contracts. He has discovered that the best thing to do is nominate a regular slot every day for work related activities such as job applications, updating skills and recruitment meetings. This means that boring chores are fitted around work and do not spread out to fill the whole day. He also arranges an outing every Friday - that's the bit I like best! - when we visit places that we would not be able to go to if he was at work. I am sure that it won't be long before you are back in work so make the most of your time off!

  4. It sounds like you've got a job to me, running a home! You have been very busy and productive, and I know how good it feels to have the time to get those jobs done. You are allowed a to sit down you know! :-)

    1. When I started I really didn't feel like I was 'allowed' a sit down for some bizarre reason, but now I am into the swing of it and do allow myself a sit down in the garden in the sunshine with a coffee and cake. And I have managed to lose a couple of pounds just from being more active.... result!

  5. You really shouldn't feel guilty about taking some time to nuture yourself ... think of all the years you've worked so hard, why shouldn't you reward yourself a little now :o)