Thursday, 23 April 2015

Random thoughts and a nice surprise

Today is a cold flat white day, I'm waiting for the cloud to burn off and lift my mood.  I finish work tomorrow and although I'm ready to go I feel a bit flat.  So, I look on my phone for something to cheer me up that I can share.

The pieris is flaming up and adding a bit of heat to the garden colour.

My daughter used my phone to take pictures of big bad Max.  She said he looks like he's doing knitting.... no he doesn't, he looks like he's nicked my warm spot on the sofa... I love this cat, all 7.2 kg of him!
Then..... one of the lads comes into my office and gives me this.....and gives me a hug to say thank you for giving him a job all those years ago and for the help I've given in the intervening years

I am touched and thrilled.
And then as I'm waiting outside by the coffee van for my latte these arrive..... from friends and colleagues to say best of luck in the future
They smell heavenly....
So without the sun my mood is lifted and I feel ready to move on.


  1. wishing you a good last day tomorrow, hope it goes ok x

  2. I hope that whatever the future brings, it is all wonderful!! xx

  3. How kind of your colleagues. Gestures like that go a long way, don't they? I hope your last day went well and you're enjoying the next phase. x