Friday, 5 December 2014

Lovely, lovely Reeth

Last weekend I was in Reeth. 

Reeth was on the Tour de France route and is a lovely little village high up in the Yorkshire Dales. 

We travelled through in July, after the Tour had passed, when we spent a glorious day following the route from Skipton.  On that day this was the view on the green in the centre of the village.  It is a popular walking destination.

On that day a brass band was playing and we sat on the rug
with an ice cream and enjoyed the sunshine.  Bliss.
I felt completely carefree that day.
So when I was deciding what I wanted to do for my birthday I decided a cottage in Reeth was where I wanted to be.  So a cottage was booked, booze and clothes were packed, best friend was invited and the school training day fell perfectly to allow a long weekend.
It was a good choice.  The weather was murky for 2 days.  This was the road over Buttertubs in July, in November that entire view was mist and fog, so no good photos. 

But then on Sunday the sun came out.  We had booked my daughter and her friend in at the Forbidden Corner.  We weren't sure whether to join them but decided that we would do and were soooooo glad that we did.  It is really good fun, if you are ever in the area it is worth a look (you need to book ahead and can't just turn up).  In some places it is properly scary, but in all places it is good fun.
I came back with aching legs (steps at Forbidden Corner)
Aching tummy muscles (from laughing)
Tight jeans..... (too much good food)
Slight headache (too much fizz)
That's got to be a good birthday..... hasn't it??

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  1. it all sounds perfect x well perhaps not the driving in the fog part, but everything else x