Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas arrives at our house

My daughter has instigated a tradition of inviting a friend to decorate the house at Christmas.

They get all the stuff out of the loft.
They place the decorations on the tree,
 in roughly the same place as they were last year (weirdly).
They place every single ornament we've ever bought on the hearth.
They trail tinsel all over and leave glitter on everything they touch.
And they chatter away while I keep out of the way.
When they're done they pack up
and I drive the friend back home.
But... they leave the mantelpiece.
That's all mine.



  1. Wow, you are one chilled out mum, letting them do all that! The urge to rearrange what the kids have done is always strong in me. I bet they had a brilliant time. x

    1. They did have fun but I must say that my daughter is 16 and pretty good at this sort of thing and she seriously does place them in more or less the same position as she did last year. The only thing I did so was move some stuff off the hearth as it was in danger of all getting broken when the cats have a mad half hour!

  2. they pack up????? wow. It's worth doing just for that....

    1. Yes, but that's more the friend than the daughter. The friend is fanatically tidy and even tidies my daughter's bedroom when she comes round. I like to invite her round every so often (I'm I'm not.......bad mother)!