Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sicily - The Land of Montalbano

Earlier this year we visited Sicily.  This was prompted by watching the programme Montalbano on BBC4 on Saturday nights. It is mainly set in and around the Ragusa district of Sicily. The programme is brilliant but the setting is something else, so we headed there earlier this year at May half term.  If you are also a fan (or even if you have never seen the series) and would like to visit I can recommend:

The castle Donnafugata, the home of the Mafia in the series and utterly beautiful (this balcony was the setting for a meeting between Montalbano and the head of the mafia family)

Scicli (this is the town Hall used as the police station in the series).  Photo taken from beneath the shade of an umbrella in the café opposite

Ragusa Ibla, the location of several scenes

Heading down the back alleyways to secluded squares and gardens (Ragusa Ibla & Scicli)

A trip to Syracuse to the Teatro Grecoa and the Ear of Dionysius, a man made cave. 

Looking up at the balconies overhead.  There are plenty of stunning balconies to be seen

A quiet moment in one of the many churches on the island - beautiful interiors, cool and calm

Watching out for large men unfolding themselves from tiny little cars.......

(how did all that luggage fit in there.......?)


  1. We love Montalbano too. I am not sure how much crime detection goes on - it makes Hercule Poirot look positively intellectual - but the scenery is fab.

    1. Actually in that Ragusa corner there were parts that looked remarkably like the Yorkshire Dales, very green and with lots of dry stone walls. I love the programme for its humour.