Friday, 26 September 2014

A Weekend in London

I can't remember the last time I went to London, well I can but it was ages ago.

This weekend I went with friends on the train and stayed over so that we could visit the Handmade Fair.

The best bits...

Getting an Oyster card - made me a proper London person

 Liberty - even though someone was wandering round with a dog.....just a dog not even a Guide Dog.  And it had a swishy tail that was perilously close to the Christmas ornaments....

Savile Row, peering into the basement workshops and this Porsche parked there (nice)

Sitting in our hotel room in pyjamas discussing the day with a bottle of wine and crochet in hand (obviously no picture of this bit).
Hampton Court grounds and the sun shining on us at the Handmade Fair on Sunday

Making a memory wire bracelet (although not enough time to get the colours right, it's too dark)

The stations in London - Kings Cross and St Pancras are sooooo different from the last time I visited, just look at this amazing structure..

The slightly weird bit.......
Yes that is the Very hungry Caterpillar.  And the apple.
So all in all a good weekend and I managed to crochet an entire scarf... it was going to be called my Hampton ...... but then something clicked in my head....... arghhh, we'll go with it as my London scarf.
The thing is, it was remarkably easy. So having done this once and enjoyed it so much, I might just want to do it again...... quite soon.

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  1. You gotta love a bit of Sophie, sounds like a great night and well done on your lovely scarf!

    S x