Thursday, 18 February 2016

Silver Linings

Last week my car broke.  I was tanking along and a light came on and "Stop Immediately" appeared on the information screen.

Cue sharp breaking and a little bit of swearing.  I looked under the bonnet and it was clear that there was no coolant left so..... long story short.... ex-colleague came to my aid and I managed to get home.

Next day I arranged for the car to go to the garage.  They would look at it as and when they could, which I was prepared to take.

Upshot was I needed a new radiator but..... first silver would be done under warranty.  Hooorahhh!

So, I needed a hire car.

Head into town to sort out a hire car.  But if I hire it there and then they will charge me for 2 days, so "come back in 2 hours and you'll only have it for a day and the car will be ready and waiting to go".

Second silver lining.....I am a short hop from the Hepworth.  Marvellous.

Time enough for tea, cake and a stroll round the galley.

There was a photography exhibition by Martin Parr.  Lots of ordinary people doing ordinary things and a really good photo of some storage in a factory

I stared at this for far too long
At one end of the gallery there was a massive selection of photos, really technicolour showing real world things all together in extraordinary detail.
Look at the colour overload in that. 

Then I moved into the Barbara Hepworth part.  I love her work more every time I go.
This is a view of the outside of the Hepworth building.  The river was thundering down and this line of barrels would have been above the weir.  I suspect it broke loose over Christmas.  The photos were taken on the ipad so they're not super sharp.  There's loads more to see but I didn't want to be taking too many photos!

Anyway, at the end of the day, I'm driving in the hire car to collect my daughter, a journey I wouldn't otherwise have been making, and.....third silver lining.......a barn owl flew out of a quarry and down the hedgerow towards me.  I could see its face as plain as day.

So when my car broke and my heart sank I could not have anticipated just how much joy I would get out of the process of getting it fixed.  I've always been a glass half full Gal, but sometimes, just sometimes, even I'm gobsmacked how nicely things turn out.  Definitely worth a look or a visit.  Excellent café, excellent shop.  Just excellent all round really.


  1. How wonderful that there were so many silver linings! You deserve some silver and gold and I am glad it came your way! xx

  2. So glad it all turned out so well in the end, what a lovely day out, and seeing a barn owl must have been wonderful. CJ xx

  3. sounds you really made the most of the experience! x

  4. serendipity is my favourite word... glad you could see the silver lining!

    I once worked with somebody who was so grumpy all the time, she used to say every silver lining has its cloud!! bonkers.

  5. That sounds a lovely place! We visit Yorkshire often to see family, must make time for a trip.